6 Aug 2013

Spotted - Alfa Romeo 8C

I was dragged along to a car boot sale last weekend by Mrs Speedmonkey.  The 'event' took place in a hospital car park and the only thing of interest to me was this Alfa Romeo 8C.
Alfa Romeo 8C

I heard it before I saw it.  The sound was familiar, and obviously Italian.  Then the 8C turned into the car park and I knew why it sounded familiar.  It shares the 4.7 litre V8 with the Maserati GranTurismo Sport I tested a few months ago.

It's a wonderful, evocative noise.  At the time of the review I said how superlatives can't be attached to it - it simply sounds like the high-revving Ferrari-built unit that it is.  Here's a clip:

See, wonderful.

The 8C was built by Maserati and is achingly beautiful.  The shape of the body, the details, the wheels - all are exquisite.

The owner parked it in a disabled space.  Without excusing his behaviour I can kind of understand his reasoning.  It's a wide car, and a 2 door with long doors.  Getting out in a normal parking space is difficult.
Alfa Romeo 8C