28 Aug 2013

Morgan at CarFest - gallery

CarFest South provided an orgy of precious metal, most of it classic, but new cars from Bentley, Mitusbishi, Ferrari, Kia, Maserati, Peugeot and Aston Martin were on display.

But what caught my eye was Morgan's stand.  The small British car company hoisted an open sided tent and displayed some of their brand new cars.  Even if they all look old fashioned.
Morgan 3 interior
My favourite Morgans were the Morgan 3 and Aero Supersport.  Each is elegantly designed and built, and the materials used of fantastically tactile quality.  They're both tiny.  I sat in the Morgan 3 and found you need to do the F1 driver's 'scoop', or else you'll be talking falsetto afterwards.

Neither has much in the way of storage space or room to move around but the look and feel of the dials, levers and interior in general make you realise you're in a very special car.  One in which you'll be pretty intimate with the passenger though.
Morgan 3
Morgan 3

Morgan 3, showing its 2 litre S&S engine

Morgan 3

Morgan Aero Supersport

Morgan Aero Supersport - now without boss-eyed headlights

Morgan Aero Supersport interior.  Not sure about the steering wheel