7 Aug 2013

Lotus gets £100 million investment - is hiring 103 new staff

Lotus cars has announced that as part of the £100million investment by their owners, DRB-HICOM, they will employ 103 new staff.  

Lotus is hiring 45 specialist engineers, 40 production operatives and 18 graduates to work at the factory in Hethel, Norfolk.  The engineers and graduates will work on the development of new products within Lotus Engineering.  The production operatives will work on manufacturing existing cars, for which their is growing demand.

Lotus employs 1,100 people and are expanding in order to focus on growing and new global markets.  90% of all Lotus cars are exported out of the UK, where it's sold 99 cars in 2013 to date - a 23% increase over the same period in 2012.  Put two and two together and Lotus have manufactured approximately 1,000 cars this year.

To apply for one of the jobs visit www.lotuscars.com

Lotus' owners, BRD-HICOM, are a huge international company with interests in the property, financial services and automotive sectors.  Interestingly they have some major contracts with car manufacturers including Honda, Mercedes, Suzuki and Volkswagen for whom they manufacturer cars in Malaysian factories for the eastern markets.

Have a look at the photo below and this link to see how inveigled BRD-HICOM are with Volkswagen, for whom they manufacturer the Passat.