7 Aug 2013

Is this the most horrible Porsche Cayenne ever?

Welcome to the world of Newport Convertible Engineering of California, makers of convertibles that weren't meant to be convertibles in the first place.

NCE have been making convertibles out of saloons, coupes and SUVs for 30 years and with all that experience they've produced this, the Porsche Cayenne convertible.
Porsche Cayenne Convertible
But the fun doesn't stop there.  Check out the beauties below.  The Range Rover is the most recent convertible from NCE.

Thanks to The Steeple Times for bringing NCE to our attention.
Yeah subtle.  wait 'til you see it with the hood up

Oh lord make it go away

A Cadillac thing.  Pretty terrible car made more terrible by chopping the roof off

Oh dear God wait until Ian Callum hears about this

The only solution is crushing it

Nice Scoobie.  Awful convertible 

This GT86 isn't actually too bad.  Pity the photoshop was done by Happy Snaps on a bad day

Nissan GTR convertible.  Again, not too bad

All photos taken from NCE's Facebook page.  Have a browse. There's plenty more.