18 Aug 2013

Here's a sneak preview of the week ahead

I've been on 'holiday' for a week, and used my time wisely - preparing new articles for Speedmonkey!

Here's what's ahead in the coming week or two.  Plus, there'll be plenty of info and photos from CarFest South which I'll be attending with the family - and a Volvo XC90.

Monday sees a Supercar shoot out, which is actually an advertorial.  Speedmonkey is doing quite well, having just hit 1.3 million views, so you will see the odd advert.  However I won't accept any old dross.  They will all be a decent read.  Monday also sees @yamaha_biker explore the Yamaha MT09.

On Tuesday you can read my review of the Astra VXR press car.  I damaged it very slightly (oops) when I snagged the front spoiler on a kerb in Sainsbury's car park.  Also on Tuesday is advice on how to keep your car in good health and a look at Bentley's Le Mans editions.

Wednesday sees a look at the hot hatch market in India, where a 1.3 is considered powerful, a round-up of shit renders of the forthcoming Jaguar SUV (there are some hilarious ones) and a Renault/Ferrari van that's coming up for sale.  Also on Wednesday the Volvo XC90 turns up so I'll post some images of that.

On Thursday I take a critical look at the Honda Civic Tourer and find a video of a Prime Minister driving a taxi.

Friday's only article at the moment is about a very special Jaguar that will exist only because the EU is forcing ever tighter regulations on car manufacturers.

The week after sees a couple of serious essays from me on the subject of analogue cars and rock music, and why car companies don't often give car enthusiasts what we want.

No doubt more articles will be added as news and other interesting stuff does the rounds.

If anyone wants to send me an article, or even just a link to something interesting, then please email me.  You'll find my details on the contact page.

Matt Hubbard
Editor, Owner, Teaboy - Speedmonkey