17 Aug 2013

Here's a round-up of the last week

I've been on 'holiday' and have mainly posted stuff on Facebook.  You can find the page here, and 'like' it if you want.  Here are some of the things I posted up last week.

Perhaps the most interesting item is this gallery of photos of a Lancia Stratos in totally original condition.  It was auctioned on 16 August.
Original condition Lancia Stratos for auction

A slightly sillier gallery was what it looks like when a car is being jet-washed from the inside.  Basically I jetwashed my Porsche 924S and my son took a ton of photos.

Then there was the hot rod Toyota Prius, complete with 80s flames!

Porsche America released this 911 GT America, which I thought looked rubbish - but others disagreed.

Skoda released a new Yeti.  Gallery of images here.

And finally - Shabba.

Article by Matt Hubbard

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