29 Aug 2013

BMW line-up for the next few years - full gallery

German magazine Auto Bild has published these renders of what it believes BMW's line up will look like over the next few years - and there are a few shockers.

The next generation BMW 1 Series will be front wheel drive.  This is the 1 Series GT, or Active Tourer.  Bild call it a monstrosity.  We wouldn't disagree.

This is the 2 Series cabriolet, which looks much more handsome than its smaller sibling.  We recently published photos of the M235i and that looks good in coupe form.

This is the 4 Series cabriolet.  Not too shabby looking.

BMW 7 Series.  Take a look at the recent video shot of the 7 Series testing in Germany.

Here's the BMW i8.

BMW X2.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

Oh God it looks even worse from the back.

Bild reckons this will be the new X6.  Could it be even worse than the current X6?  Yes

Another SUV and this time it's the X7.  Blame this man.

Rolls Royce SUV. Erm.....

All images: Bild Auto