25 Jul 2013

The Maserati Ghibli sounds phenomenal on the road

This is the first video to be released by Maserati of the Ghibli on the road and, thank the lord, it sounds fantastic.

The white (Bianco Alpi) car is a Ghibli S Q4 and the blue (Blu Emozione) car is a Ghibli S.  Both feature the twin-turbo 3 litre V6 with 410hp which were designed by Maserati but which will be made by Ferrari in Maranello.  The Q4 is four wheel drive and the S rear wheel drive.

Most cars sound pretty flat off throttle, even AMGs, but if this video is to be believed the petrol powered Ghibli is an aural treat.

We've yet to hear the diesel.  This is what Maserati have to say about it: 

"Two sound actuators, fitted near the exhaust tailpipes, accentuate the engine’s most distinctive tones and modulate them precisely to suit the way the car is being driven. When the driver presses the Sport button on the central tunnel, the sound becomes even more resonant and utterly inspiring."

Sounds promising.  Speedmonkey will drive a Ghibli later this year and bring you a full review.