5 Jul 2013

Opel Monza to be revived

Autocar reports that Opel will be reviving the Monza as a concept at the Frankfurt motor show.  
The original Opel Monza was a big, fastback coupe on sale from 1978 to 1986.  It was based on the Senator platform and was rear wheel drive and powered by a 3 litre straight six engine with 150hp and 0-60 in 8.5 seconds.

It's rather surprising news because GM is pretty useless when it comes to reviving old names and playing on their heritage.  Autocar reckons the Monza will highlight Vauxhall/Opel's next generation of lightweight materials and in-car entertainment systems.

In order for the Monza to work it's got to retain the name and be a front engined, rear wheel drive coupe.  If they do that then it will be a seriously interesting proposition.  If not they might as well stop work on it now.