11 Jul 2013

In-car video in the Polestar S60 up the hill at Goodwood FoS

I'd been invited to Goodwood Festival of Speed by Volvo, and as a bonus was able to take a trip up the hill in a Polestar S60.

Our chauffeur was one of the Polestar race drivers.  The run was at mid-day and he'd been doing rides up the hill every half hour since 9am.  This was the first time he'd had a clear track, so the ride was pretty awesome.

There are only 4 Polestar S60s in existence.  They're rated as having 508bhp but this one was tested last week and has 560bhp and 800Nm of torque.  It's essentially a race car in a standard S60 body, with all the usual comforts, but gets a 6-speed manual gearbox.

When the Polestar S60s have finished their promotional duties they will be sold for £300,000 each