18 Jul 2013

FAB1 Million is yours to rent for £5k a day

You might have heard about FAB £1million.  If not take a look here.  It's a pink Rolls Royce Ghost, donated by Rolls Royce, with the number plate FAB1, donated by Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans.
FAB1 Million was launched by Chris Evans, James May, Gary Barlow and Prof Brian Cox.  The aim is to raise money for Breast Cancer Care by renting it out for a year.  The price is £5,000 per day (although it's £7.5k on summer weekends).

For your £5k FAB1 Million can be delivered and used anywhere in the UK with a professional chauffeur at the wheel.

If you don't have £5,000 you can text FAB to 83222.  The text costs 50p and £5 will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.  You will then be entered into a competition to win FAB1 Million for a day.

To find out more visit www.fab1million.co.uk, or if you want to rent FAB1 Million call 020 7960 3482