16 Jul 2013

Car wipes out motorcycle on Russian motorway

First time you watch this you wonder what on earth happened.  Did the biker slow down, or the driver in the car speed up?  Whoever did what it's a nasty accident (although really it's an 'on-purpose') and the fact the driver checked his car for damage before checking on the biker's condition tells us a lot about what kind of person he is.

But watch it a couple more times and events become a little clearer.  The bike rider undertakes the driver because he slowed in the outside lane, obviously in front of the bike.  The rider gesticulates and sets off, although not exactly at great speed.

Keep an eye on the truck, which is partially obscured by the biker.  The car driver appears to speed up -  right into the back wheel of the bike, which then collapses.

That's my take on what happened.  What's yours?

Incidentally the video is entitled "Teacher of the bike Kemerovo Leninsk Kuznetsk," and the text underneath reads, "From the author of the video: "In the end, I was found guilty in an accident on the inspector's written complaint to the Investigative Committee, and the decision is appealed in court."

Thanks to Zaman Bux for the tip.