17 Jul 2013

2013 Mercedes S 63 AMG - price, photos and specs

The new Mercedes S63 AMG gets AMG's twin-turbo 5.5 litre V8 engine to create a 585hp, 664 lb-ft super-fast, super-luxury cruiser.  
2014 Mercedes S 63 AMG
The new S 63 AMG weighs 100kg less than its predecessor and does 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds. The left hand drive only 4MATIC version does 0-62 in 4 seconds.  Couldn't they have stuffed a few more horses in it to crack the 4 seconds barrier?

Kerb weight for the "short" (relatively speaking) wheelbase version is 1970kg and for the long wheelbase it is 1995kg.  Top speed is limited to 155mph and fuel consumption is claimed to be 27.9mpg.

To save weight the S 63 AMG has a carbon fibre spare wheel well, and, for the first time in a mass produced road car, a lithium ion battery.  The battery alone saves 20kg.

The wheels are exclusive AMG 19-inch lightweight alloys that are 255/45 at the front and 285/40 at the back.  AMG ceramic high-performance composite brakes are available  for the first time on an S-Class - as an optional extra.

The S 63 AMG gets Magic Body Control suspension.  This wonderfully Germanic name means a camera reads the road ahead and adjusts suspension according to the approaching conditions.  Another wonderful German word: AMG elastokinematics apparently ensures more "directness when driving dynamically."  That's what Mercedes say.  Even if we've no idea what elastokinematics means it sounds good and we want a go.

The price will be in the order of £120,000 and the S 63 AMG will make its public debut in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  It'll be on sale soon afterwards.
2014 Mercedes S 63 AMG

2014 Mercedes S 63 AMG

2014 Mercedes S 63 AMG engine