26 Jun 2013

WRC to be shown on ITV4 for the rest of 2013

Wales Rally GB to be shown on ITV4
ITV4 is rapidly becoming a petrolhead's paradise with BTCC, Isle of Man TT, British Superbikes, Goodwood and now World Rally Championship.

ITV4 has been screening WRC for some time but a deal hadn't been done for the rest of the season.  It has now and you'll be able to watch hour long highlights programmes after the event.  For the British Rally (known officially as Wales Rally GB) an extra two 30 minute programmes will be screened on the Friday and Saturday evenings during the event.

We should all be thankful ITV for covering the motorsports we want to see, and which costs us nothing.  Yet we pay a BBC licence fee and all they give us is soap operas, no-talent competitions and game shows.

Well done ITV4.  We petrolheads salute you.