13 Jun 2013

VW slash price of Golf R Cabriolet by £5600

Back when it was first announced in February we published details of the VW Golf R Cabriolet.  At the time we said this about it:

It's got front wheel drive. It costs £38,770. Eh?

A Porsche Boxster costs £37,589 and that's got a flat-6, exactly the same horsepower, does 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds. And it's a Porsche. With a Porsche chassis. And a Porsche engine. And Porsche badges. And VW make it on their own production line in Osnabrück.

Volkswagen have shot themselves in the foot by pricing the Golf R Cabriolet so high, and directly against the Boxster.

Happily it seems Volkswagen have listened to the criticism and have reduced the price of the Golf R Cabriolet to £33,170.  VW have already sold six Golf Rs at the higher price and will refund the difference to those buyers.

It's still a lot of money though.  Richard Eaton put it succinctly: