19 Jun 2013

Vauxhall ADAM gets full Apple Siri functionality

Vauxhall ADAMs fitted with the IntelliLink infotainment system now have access to Siri Eyes Free.  As a safety feature the system doesn't show text - all communication is verbal, via Siri.

The system connects with the iPhone (4 or 5) via Bluetooth and the driver accesses Siri by pressing a button on the steering wheel.  Functions available include iTunes, calendar, iMessage, email, weather updates etc.

It looks pretty simple to use, partly because Siri is such an easy system to use.  What Vauxhall and Apple have done is integrate Siri into the car without having to scroll through endless menus - and without having partial functionality.

Siri Eyes Free is available for all ADAMs bought with an IntelliLink system, which is an optional extra.  Presumably ADAMs that haven't been specced without IntelliLink will plummet in value.

I've got Siri on my iPhone and, like many people, have only used it to try out swear words.  Maybe this system will actually make it useful.

Of course the elephant in the room is that I've yet to actually see an ADAM on the road and had to go to a Vauxhall dealer to see one.  Vauxhall media is the exclusive preserve of print titles - they don't let bloggers drive their cars, even those with higher monthly viewing figures than some of those magazines.  Some Speedmonkey readers have seen some ADAMs but almost all have been in the north of the UK.  

My theory is that the ADAM just isn't selling in the south of England and that customers in Cheshire and beyond like its funky looks and ignore everything else.