27 Jun 2013

The amazing Jaguar that never was - C-X75

This is the supercar that won't be made by Jaguar - the C-X75.  A production run was cancelled, although Jaguar will sell the prototypes.

The technology was just too advanced, mainly to satisfy emissions regulations.  Jaguar say they will learn lessons from the C-X75 and use it for their future road cars.

For all the whacky supercars we've seen this year the C-X75 elegantly eclipses the lot of them as an object of beauty.  It'll probably never happen but it would be lovely to see a more conventionally powered C-X75 on our roads at some point in the future.  After all, Jaguar do have that superb 5 litre supercharged V8 already, and used in every model they produce.