25 Jun 2013

Mercedes SLC spy shots - 911 rival spotted at the Nurburgring

Mercedes SLC spy shots
Mercedes SLC spotted at the Nurburgring
This is a new Mercedes-Benz mid-sized coupe, internal designation C190, testing at the Nurburgring.  The most likely name is SLC and its intended targets are the Porsche 911 and forthcoming Jaguar F-Type coupe.

The Mercedes SL is more a grand tourer and Jaguar XK rival, whilst the SLS costs £170k.  The new SLC start at £70k, which will plug a 911 sized gap in Mercedes line-up.

For the SLC to succeed it needs to look great, and from the photos it does, and handle magnificently.  We'll find out if that is the case in 2014 when the SLC is slated to be launched.

Thanks to @BuddaPSL for the tip

Images: www.automotorsport.se