23 Jun 2013

Le Mans 2013 - Hour 23, and then the rain came down

With one hour to go and the order seemed to be set with Audi no. 2 followed by Toyota no. 8 for the lead of LMP1.  The Aston Martin no. 97 and Porsche no. 92 were in a huge battle for the lead of GTE-pro - literally nose to tail after 23 hours racing.

And then the rain came down.  Cars spun off, the no. 7 Toyota went headfirst into the barriers at Porsche Curves, the lead Aston Martin got held up in the pits.

And this happened.  Scary stuff.
With under an hour remaining and the field behind the two safety cars the result cannot be called.  Remember what Murray Walker said: "To finish first, first you have to finish."