21 Jun 2013

David Piper has bankrupted Mark Hales

Remember the Mark Hales case?  If not read about it here.  Mark has just sent an email out to his supporters, one of whom has sent us a copy.  It's enough to make anyone, journalist or otherwise, think first before driving anyone else's car without a contract.

Mark has our 100% support.  David Piper is unlikely to be welcome in car aficionado circles ever again.

To everybody who has been kind enough to donate...  
Apologies again for this round robin email, and also to those kind people I may have missed last time.  
Thank you all so much for your generosity and support in this unpleasant matter. Your contributions allowed me to keep the fight going for a bit longer, and to survive while it was all going on. It’s amazing how these things completely take over your life and working productively is one of the first things that suffers.  
I use the past tense in the context of the fight, because on June 11th Piper purchased the last piece of his retribution and succeeded in making me bankrupt.  
Piper has now spent nearly £80,000 in his efforts to bankrupt me and has refused all offers to settle. A group headed by the CEO of Nick Mason’s businesses had organised some serious fund raising activities and Nick and others had kindly underwritten a minimum of £50,000. This was on the table, plus whatever surplus came from the fundraising, plus anything remaining in your fund. Piper refused the offer saying he would continue with the bankruptcy proceedings.       
I have the interview with the Official Receiver on Tuesday. 
I’ll let you know how it goes.  
Thanks again