5 Jun 2013

BMW! Step away from the grille!

I might be about to offend thousands of BMW loving readers here but I can't keep this to myself any longer.  BMW make some very pretty cars but they also make some dreadful looking cars that sell well to nylon trousered salesmen and millions of Chinese.

The 3-series has been largely left untouched by the Bangle virus that affect BMW's design department and has evolved into a lovely little thing, with one exception.  Its grille is horrible.  And the short, sharp  slope/bulge immediately above the grille makes it look like a sulking child that has puffed air into the space between its top lip and nose.  Nasty.

Then we get the rather marvellous new Gran Lusso Coupé which is probably as heavy as an elephant but looks awesome - except its got that stupid crease across the top of the grille which has started to appear on some of BMW's new cars.
The second best looking BMW of all time, behind the original 6-series, is the E28 5-series.  Rich Scott's perfect example here demonstrates that BMW used to make the best grilles, and indeed entire front end, but have now descended into a designers wet dream, which is my idea of a nightmare.
I think the rot started with the Z4