29 May 2013

This is the all new BMW X5

This is the new BMW X5 and it will be on sale in the UK from Saturday 16 November 2013.  It will cost from £42,590 for the 2 litre sDrive25d.  sDrive equals two wheel drive in BMWspeak which is a little odd for such a large SUV.

The stats and price list are below.

The 4.4 litre twin turbocharged xDrive50i looks the most fun and presumably comes in colours other than brown.  Mind you the M50d looks pretty awesome too.  It has a three-stage single turbocharged 3 litre diesel but with an humungous 740 Nm (546 lb ft) of torque should shift its bulk pretty rapidly.

BMW have only supplied the weight for one model - the x30d weighs 2145kg.  It's still a heavy old beast.