11 May 2013

Spotted! Ferrari 360 Spider (Replica) with Top Gear Stunt School stickers

I just saw this matt black Ferrari 360 Spider in my local village.  At least I think it's a 360.  Can anyone confirm?

It's got Top Gear Stunt School written all down the side of it, but that seems to be a computer game rather than any actual event.  I put the number plate F1 BRS through the DVLA database and it said they do not hold details for the vehicle.  It must be local (local being West Berkshire, UK) because my wife saw it about a month ago.

So the DVLA don't hold any details and the owner has spoiled their £50k Ferrari by painting it matt black and adorning it with stickers for an old computer game.

Can anyone shed any light on this strange car?

Update - @GridCrasher on Twitter thought it might be a Toyota MR2 based replica so I checked that with DVLA.  Lo and behold it's registered as a Toyota and has a 1.8 litre engine.  Mystery partially solved.  The question that still remains is 'why'?