16 May 2013

Mercedes have released a bunch of S-Class videos

Here are all the Mercedes-Benz S-Class videos in one place.

Cue - grand scenery!
Cue - evocative music!
Cue - camera poring over S-Class in loving detail!

But what we really need to know is - how fast will it lap the Nürburgring?  Looking forward to the onboard vids, Mercedes.

This is the official launch video.

This one is the 'Design Process' video, full of people who won't walk out of their front door without ironing their underpants first (designers).

This one is high-speed testing and features cheesy music over the S-Class being driven at 160mph

Agggggh! More cheesy music.  This time over wind tunnel shots - the S-Class has an ultra low Cd of 0.24