15 May 2013

Mazda MX-5 frisbee - real or not?

Mazda have produced this video featuring a pair of MX-5s and "Justin Foord and Dom Clark from the GB Ultimate Frisbee team"

Nope, never heard of them but they must be good if they're actually in a Frisbee team.  In the vid "Justin" and "Dom" throw Frisbees to each other from moving cars, from platforms into moving cars and whilst doing donuts.

I know they're in the GB Ultimate Frisbee team (I wonder if there is a GB Reasonably OK Frisbee team?) and everything but are they really this good?  Some of this Frisbee work looks impossible.

What do you think, real or CGI?

Mazda are running a competition to win an MX-5 for the summer.  If you want to enter click here.