31 May 2013

Car crashes into house twice. Fake or real?

This is a strange one.  So the Toyota Highlander crashes into the house twice, and on the second smash the wheels keep driving into the house.  The video has a Logitech logo in the corner.  This text is posted below the video:

"A Toyota Highlander on it's way to pick up my kids for school lost control and crashed into my home two times before spinning out into the street. The driver claimed that the accelerator was stuck and they couldn't stop the car. Both of my vehicles inside the garage were totaled due to the impacts. There was also major damage to the structure of the house and it's contents.

The driver's car was also deemed a total loss by their insurance company.

By the way.....several of my neighbors are planning on installing Logitech cameras as a result of this incident"

So is it a fake video posted by Logitech?  If so then why aren't Toyota suing them for slander or somesuch?  Or did the owner genuinely have a Logitech security camera and thought he could make some cash by going to them and saying he'd captured this incident with decent clarity.

I have no idea.  If it is an advert posing as a real video then Logitech should be ashamed.  If it is genuine then the driver needs to have their licence taken away as there were no brake lights on.

What do you think?