21 Apr 2013

Would you like to write something for Speedmonkey?

As well as stuff by me over 20 people have contributed to Speedmonkey so far.  Some have written Living with articles, some have written columns about new cars, some about old cars, some about F1, about MotoGP, about their favourite engine, about getting a Porsche Cayman as a courtesy car.

Some people write lots of articles, like Sharon who has racked up 15, Angela on 13 and Colin on 11.  Some people write 1 or 2.  Some just email me something every now and again, some ask what subject I'd like covered (the answer is always 'whatever you want').

The door is always open for new writers.  Email me if you want to scribble something down for Speedmonkey.

The subject can be anything of your choice as long as it's car or bike related.  'Living with's are always popular with readers.  You might want to get something off your chest, tell us about an old car of yours or just have something to say.  You can also repost articles from your own blog.

The length can be anything you want, although remember that not many people can pull off a long article.  400-600 words is probably safest.  The longest ever was by Leah and was split into two.  Both got lots of reads because it was great writing.

You own the copywrite.  I'll edit it, prep it and load it for the usual 7am on whatever day looks best for it.  I'll tweet it a few times and post it on Facebook.

Let me know if you would be interested in writing for Speedmonkey.  How long it takes me to respond to you depends on how many submissions I get.