11 Apr 2013

The Ford Focus is the bestselling car....in the world

In 2012 Ford sold 1,020,410 cars that bore the name Focus.  It is the world's best selling car.  The Ford Fiesta is the world's best-selling sub-compact car, with 723,130 registrations.

Pretty incredible figures which in part can be attributed to Ford's One Ford global strategy of not selling different cars in different regions but selling all their cars in all regions (although we're glad the UK doesn't get the hideous Fiesta sedan).

The Fiesta and Focus are also the UK's number one and two bestsellers.  In 2012 Ford sold 109,265 Fiestas and 83,115 Focuses.  The Fiesta was the best selling small car in Europe.

Ford's worldwide gains were driven by demand in China and the US where registrations increased by 51% and 40% respectively.

The Focus is built in Germany, Russia, USA, Thailand and China - in huge numbers.