24 Apr 2013

The 1500hp, 269mph Lamborghini Gallardo that taste forgot

Canadian tuning house ZR Auto has modified this Lamborghini Gallardo not just by applying a chrome wrap but with some tasty engine enhancements.

The 5 litre V10 has been built by ZR and twin turbos have been added to increase the performance from the Gallardo's standard 550hp to 1500hp.  The factory Gallardo's top speed is 198mph whereas the ZR Gallardo tops out at 269mph.

The quarter mile sprint takes 8.7 seconds at a speed of 170mph.

The chrome Gallardo will be displayed at the Calgary Motor Show.  Afterwards it'll become part of the ZR Auto Driving Experience Fleet, which also includes a Ferrari ZXX, Ferrari F430 and a Ferrari F40.    You can't actually drive any of these.  $750 buys a half hour passenger ride around Calgary and asking the driver to break the speed limit ends your ride immediately.  Spoilsports.