8 Apr 2013

Spotted - 1973 BMW 2002 Touring

The BMW 2002 was essentially the precursor to the 3-series.  Manufactured between 1968 and 1975 the 2002 was one of a family of BMW saloons that came under the New Class designation.

In the UK half decent BMW 2002s fetch big money on the used market.  For example the 2002 Turbo at this link has had its front end caved in yet is on eBay as a classified ad for £21,500.

But look slightly further afield to the continent and you'll find bargains. And unusual ones at that.  This 1973 BMW 2002 Touring is being advertised on mobile.de for €4500 (£3800).  In other words it's a massive bargain compared to the UK market.

The 2002 Touring isn't, in modern BMW parlance, an estate but is a hatchback version of the 2002 and, arguably, is better looking for it.  This example has 98,000km (61,000 miles) on the clock, has the 1990cc engine that produces 100bhp and is painted a rather fetching shade of orange.

It's also in great condition.  The owner says it looks fine after 40 years, has always been stored in a heated garage, runs well, the 4 speed manual gearbox works well and is generally in good condition.

It's a pretty looking classic BMW in original condition that costs just £3800.  It's for sale at a dealership in a Dutch town called Apeldoorn, which is only 240 miles from Calais.  If you're after a classic, and feeling a bit adventurous, this 2002 could be a seriously good investment - and a great little car.  It will also be a very unusual sight on UK roads.

Link to the advert is here.