30 Apr 2013

Speedmonkey listed in Temp Cover's top ten car bloggers

The good folk at www.tempcover.com, purveyors of temporary motor insurance, have produced a top ten car bloggers - and we're in it!

Temp Cover say:

As you may have guessed, here at tempcover.com we’re pretty passionate about the car industry. Thankfully the internet provides us with the perfect platform to write about our passion and to provide customers with useful advice and tips when it comes to all things car and car insurance- related.

We also like to keep a close eye on the latest gossip and news happening inside the industry. This proves quite difficult especially as the car industry is so massive: there’s simply too much going on at once. So to help, we follow a collection of car blogs and websites run by freelance journalists and good old fashioned car enthusiasts. These people are proper petrol heads, guys and gals who know their MOT’s better than their ABC’s.

These are our favourite car bloggers:

Matthew Hubbard

Matthew runs Speedmonkey.com, a magazine style blog jam-packed full of news, advice and – unsurprisingly – fast cars. It’s a fantastic site, filled with the latest stories and information on the hottest cars.