10 Apr 2013

Porsche looking at 4-cylinder engines and a new entry level sportscar

According to Porsche fansite, Flat-6 News a new turbocharged 4-cylinder Porsche engine is on it's way - and could debut as soon as the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

With modern engines shrinking, and turbos being added, to accommodate emissions regulations and the increasing cost of fuel this isn't a massive surprise.  After all, Porsche do have history with 4 cylinder engines.  They've been seen in the 356, 550, 912, 914, 924, 944 and 968 - some flat-4, some inline 4 and some turbocharged.

The last Porsche 4-cylinder engine was housed in the 968 in 1995. It was a 3 litre, inline 4 with twin cams and produced 240bhp.

The new 4-cylinder is expected to be all-aluminium and based on the 3.8 litre flat-6 that's found in the Carrera S, but with 2 cylinders removed to bring it down to the classic Porsche 2.5 litre capacity.

Power is expected to be in the region of 350bhp with a limit of 7500rpm.  The 7-speed PDK and a 6-speed manual are the most likely gearboxes.

The new 2.5 litre flat-4 will at first be available in the Cayman and Boxster, probably replacing the entry level 2.7 litre flat-6.

But it's the potential for the engine to appear in a new 'baby' Boxster that most excites.  Porsches are all well and good but with a prices starting at £37,000 they are outside the reach of most people.  An entry level car would bring Porsche ownership closer to many - and it's something Porsche haven't done since the 944, which finished production in 1991.

With closer integration into the Volkswagen Group, Porsche have access to the mid-engined BlueSport concept, revealed by VW in 2009, which could shorten development time of an all new entry level Porsche.