11 Apr 2013

Michael Schumacher gets a job with Mercedes-Benz

He wasn't unemployed for long.  Mercedes-Benz have announced that seven time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher will be working for them.

Schumacher will work on Mercedes' Intelligent Drive systems and will represent the company as an ambassador.  Intelligent Drive covers all Mercedes electronic safety assistance systems such as variable cruise control, lane assist, night assist and highbeam assist - which dips the headlights when it senses oncoming traffic.

Michael says of his new role: "I wanted to have a clearly defined remit within the new partnership and I find it very exciting to be able to contribute towards further developments and the optimisation of safety together with the inventor of the car”

Corinna Schumacher, Michael's wife, didn't say: "I'm tired of Michael kicking around the house and am glad Mercedes have found him something to do.  It was getting a bit irritating with him hanging around if I'm honest."