15 Mar 2013

Things Lewis Hamilton has bought in the off season

Lewis Hamilton has just signed a £60million deal with the Mercedes AMG F1 team.  He's been frittering away his cash already.

Most F1 drivers have their own private plane because they can afford it and it makes life easier when globetrotting to 20 Formula 1 races (although spare a thought for the mechanics who have to make do with budget airlines).

In the off season Lewis Hamilton has bought himself a Bombardier CL-600 jet, which cost £20million, and a bulldog puppy, called Roscoe (price unknown).

Lewis will take Roscoe to the European races and has even got him a pitpass.  He told the Guardian, "I emailed Bernie about my passes and then told him at the end I had a new member of my family. I was really nervous, but he said send a picture. I sent one of Roscoe wearing headphones. Bernie wasn't too happy but that's the one that will be on his pass. He is the coolest dog in the world, so funny."

Lewis also spoke to the newspaper at length about boring stuff like building a museum to house his helmets and trophies, and his celebrity girlfriend - yawwwwwwn.

And then he said, "I will die if Roscoe does a turd in my plane. I will have to get the whole plane changed."

Next month - Kimi Raikkonen buys a Hawker Harrier Jump Jet and a wolf named Brutus.