11 Mar 2013

Places still available on the 2013 Coast Roast Rally

The Coast Roast Rally is an annual event that normally visits Europe but in 2013 they're traversing England, and they still have places available.

What is Coast Roast?

It's a classic banger rally with 50 or 60 teams criss-crossing England this summer.  And it's one of the cheaper rallies to enter and participate in.

When is it?

19th to 23rd June.  Hopefully the sun will be shining.

Where is it?

Day 1 starts in Skegness (the sun really better had be shining then) and finishes in Whitley Bay, Day 2 is Whitley Bay to Falmouth, Day 3 is Falmouth to Margate and Day 4 starts in Margate and ends up back in sunny Skegness.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee is £100 if you mention Speedmonkey.  Of course, you've got to pay for your fuel and accommodation, and the car - unless you've already got a classic banger.  And then there's 4 days worth of Ginsters pies and Red Bull to keep your body in tip top condition.

What sort of car do I need?

There are six themed classes, which are:
  • Go Cheap - £250 Price limit on the purchase of your car 
  • Go Topless - £750 price limit on the purchase of your car but it must be a cabrio 
  • Go Grand - £1000 price limit on your purchase 
  • Go Big or Go Home - £1000 price limit on the purchase of your car but must be over 3.0 or a larger 4x4 
  • Go Green - No price restrictions but must be packing less than a 1.0 litre engine ( open to motorbikes & sidecars) 
  • Go Old School - No price restrictions but must be registered prior to the 1980's 
Will there be any parties?

Yes.  Every night.  There'll be 50-odd teams recalling takes of derring-do and adventure in the hotel bar.

Anything else I need to know?

Every team should have a theme, there'll be challenges along the way and plenty of high jinks to keep you amused over the four days.  For all other info have a look at the Coast Roast website, or contact the team - Dan, Wozz or Jay.

I'm in.  How can I book a place?

Click on the link here to book, or contact one of the team.  Don't forget to mention Speedmonkey.