21 Mar 2013

New Hyundai Sports Coupe Concept - HND-9

This is Hyundai's latest concept, the HND-9.  The South Korean company will show the HND-9 at the Seoul Motor Show on 28 March.

Hidden amongst the usual fluff in the press release is the phrase, "the HND-9, with its dramatic long bonnet and wheelbase, is a modern reinterpretation of the elegant image of a classic premium sports coupe."  Which pretty much sum sup what the HND-9 is.

Lose the hideous steering wheel and dash, silly Lambo doors, oversized wheels, and thin strip of tyre, and you're left with a very pretty coupe in the mould of an F-type hardtop.

That the word 'premium' is also used in the press release suggests the HND-9 will be aimed above the Toyota GT86, which is a shame because the Veloster doesn't really cut the mustard in such company.  The engine in the HND-9 is a 3.3 litre petrol unit producing 365bhp.  So it won't be a hybrid.

Should Hyundai make the above changes and release the HND-9 for, say $60,000 in the US it should be a success.  It's problem in the UK will be Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati and BMW.  A large element of the UK premium market is badge snobbery and, whilst Hyundai might be successful selling hatchbacks, no Brit will buy a £40,000 Hyundai sportscar - no matter how pretty it looks.