27 Mar 2013

Drifting or oversteer? Which is it?

To the traditional petrolhead the action of power overcoming grip in the driven wheels of a rear wheel drive car is called oversteer.

When a car, such as a Ford Escort Mk1, oversteered it was because the driver applied too much throttle too early in the corner and he lost time whilst having to reel the car back into line.  But it could look beautiful if the slide was caught and balanced well.

Then, in the early 90s, the Japanese culture of drifting caught on in western culture and what we used to call oversteering we now call drifting.

Or do we?

If you slide the rear wheels of a BMW, Jaguar, Porsche or other rear wheel drive car on the road or track, is it drifting?  Or is it traditional oversteer?  Have a look at these images and make your own mind up.