4 Mar 2013

Cops go mad, smash up Range Rover L322, drag disabled driver out

The driver of the Range Rover, a 74 year old who was recovering from a stroke, had been pulled over by the police in Wales for failing to wear a seatbelt and having tinted windows.  Halfway through his talking to by the police he drove off.

The cops chased him for 17 minutes and when he stopped again they went completely nuts, jumping on the bonnet, kicking in the windscreen, smashing the drivers window, and dragging him out.

The driver of the Range Rover received £65,750 in compensation and damages.  The policeman who smashed the drivers window was harassed by his colleagues after this video was published on the internet.  He left his job and has successfully sued Gwent Police - he will receive a 'six figure sum' in compensation.

Fast forward to 1.00 in the video to see how Gwent Police deal with pensioners who drive without seat belts.