20 Feb 2013

Will the Mercedes A 45 AMG sound any good? We have the answer

The new Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG might be a real AMG and have 360bhp on tap, but all that power comes from a measly 4 pot engine.

Part of the appeal of AMGs is the exhaust note - from the SLS 63 AMGs pushrod sounding V8 to the S 65 AMGs V12 wail.  How is the A 45 AMGs 2 litre turbo going to sound in comparison with it's big brothers?

It's been hard to fathom so far because Mercedes tend to put a cheesy voice-over on top of all the footage they release.

Until now.  We've found this extended clip using all the official Mercedes-Benz footage, but without the voice-overs.  Have a listen.  It's an interesting noise - kind of Golf GTi metallic harsh - but not really the beefy AMG we've come to expect.  What do you think of the latest AMG offering's exhaust note?