10 Feb 2013

Toyota GT86 TRD - UK specs, price and images

Toyota have announced a revised, and improved, version, of the fantastic GT86 - the GT86 TRD.

The TRD is adorned with Toyota Racing Development trinkets that enhance the look and feel of the car without increasing it's power.  250 examples will be shipped to the UK and will be on sale from 1 March.

The GT86 TRD will have the same 2 litre flat four and manual or auto 6-speed gearboxes as the standard model, with 197bhp and 0-62mph in 7.7 seconds.  The changes come in the form of 18 inch alloys, front and side skirts, a rear spoiler, a quad exhaust and rear diffuser.  You also get TRD logos on the radiator cap, fuel filler cover and and gear stick.

These additions come on top of the GT86's standard kit such as front fog lamps, limited slip diff, drilled aluminium pedals, sports seats, cruise control and Toyota Touch multimedia - as well as that awesome chassis and rear wheel drive.  And those looks.

The GT86 TRD will be available in either white or black and costs £31,495 for the manual and £32,995 for the auto - both about £5k more expensive than the standard GT86.