6 Feb 2013

New Range Rover Sport spyshots

With the latest iteration Range Rover hitting showrooms just about now, Land Rover's attention turns to the Range Rover Sport, which should be with us at the end of 2013.

The 2013 Sport will be built on the same platform used by the latest Range Rover, and the Jaguar XJ.  Like the Range Rover it is expected to shed up to 350kg of mass by using lightweight aluminium and advanced composites in it's structure and bodywork.

External design changes are expected to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary with a deeper clamshell bonnet, smoothed flanks and Evoque-esque lights and grille - and more closely aligned in style to the Range Rover than the previous Sport.

Whilst the previous generation Range Rover was a luxurious offroader with masses of style the Sport offered bling by the bucketload, and was bought more by urban types than rural dwellers who actually needed the offroad ability of a Land Rover.  The interior desperately needed a tidy, with buttons and dials scattered about the cabin like buckshot.  The latest Range Rover offers a simpler, cleaner interior, and the Sport is expected to follow this more restrained ethos.

Thanks to Stephen Foggon for the photos.