2 Feb 2013

McRae v Clarkson v Herbert v Silverstone

This video was first shown during the TV coverage for the 1999 British Grand Prix.  It shows a young looking Johnny Herbert in his Stewart Grand Prix F1 car (with an 800bhp, Ford V10! Remember them?), Colin McRae in his 300bhp Ford Focus and Clarkson, with biggish hair, in a 170bhp Ford Cougar (as also driven by Gareth Cheeseman) racing around Silverstone.

Clarkson gets a massive head start in the 'Mondeo in a frock', McRae gets a smaller headstart and proceeds to do most of the lap sideways, and Herbert sets off just as Clarkson enters Vale (the corner, not Valentino Rossi).

It's a very silly race, but good fun nonetheless.