4 Feb 2013

Dodge Challenger RT Redline - For lucky Americans only

In the US you can buy a Dodge Challenger for the equivalent of £18,000.  It's got a 3.6 litre V6, electric everything, 18 inch alloys and an MP3 stereo.  In the UK you can't buy anything for under £18,000 that you wouldn't be slightly embarrassed to own.  Base model Hyundai Veloster anyone?

And now Dodge strike a blow to the heart of all self respecting UK-domiciled petrolheads.  The new V8 powered, Challenger RT Redline costs £22,000 in the US - the same price as a Toyota Avensis 1.8 costs in the UK.

Thanks Dodge.  For reminding us that fantastic looking, fast, gutsy cars can be bought for peanuts in your motherland whilst anything remotely similar looking, and specced, in the UK costs as much as a small house in Doncaster.

The Redline kit costs $2,000 on top of the $31,000 RT, or $33,000 RT Plus.  The RT has a 5.7 litre HEMI V8, with 375bhp, allied to a 6 speed manual or 5 speed automatic transmission (Pah! Who needs an 8 speed ZF gearbox anyway), LSD rear differential and 20 inch wheels.  It does 0-60mph in 5 seconds in manual form.

The Redline pack adds performance suspension, Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres, performance brakes, 20 inch Black Chrome wheels and some fantastic looking paint and graphic combos. The colours available are Billet Silver, Granite Crystal, Bright White, and Pitch Black.

Inside, and the RT Redline gets a Dark Slate Grey interior with performance seats whilst the RT Plus gets Nappa leather seats in Radar Red or Dark Slate Grey.  Spec and automatic and you also get a T-handle shifter and bright pedal kit.

The only real equivalent to the Challenger RT Redline in the UK is the Vauxhall VXR8, which costs £45,000.  Just over twice as much.

Thanks again, Dodge - for reminding us how much of a rip-off UK car prices are.

Under the photos is a video of some lucky American driving the 2009 Challenger in a most hooliganistic manner on track.  Lucky, lucky Americans.