12 Feb 2013

Caption Competition - Wayne Rooney gets a free Camaro

Chevrolet has a given a load of halfwit multimillionaires free cars.  As part of their sponsorship of Manchester United, Chevrolet doled out brand new cars to the players, despite the fact Trafford Park is situated in one of the poorest areas of the country.

Grab-a-granny, Shrek-lookalike, brainbox Wayne Rooney chose a Camaro.  He said, “It’s great, it obviously looks great and I’m excited to drive it. I think when I saw them all together this was the one that suited me best, it looks nice and will drive well too. I chose a manual as I think it’s great to get full use from a sports car.”

In order to try and extract as much mirth from this ridiculous situation we'd like to open the floor and ask for your suggestions for a caption for this photo.  Answers in the comments section below.