26 Feb 2013

2013 Rolls Royce Wraith - The Fastback

Rolls Royce have released five images and various items of information about the new Wraith coupe.  The Rolls Royce Wraith is expected to use a more powerful version of the the 6.6 litre twin turbo V12 found in the Ghost.  An 8 speed gearbox, probably a ZF unit, and air suspension will lend the Wraith a sportier drive than than the Ghost and Phantom.

The Wraith is expected to sit between the £200,000 Ghost and £250,000 Phantom and will be more dynamic than both.  The Wraith will be revealed in full on 5 March.

The Fastback

This is the Rolls Royce Wraith visualised in just a few lines.  Certainly moving away from the boxy nature of Rolls Royce' other cars, the fastback profile is, according to the company, the Wraith's 'defining statement.'  It does remind us of that famous profile drawing of Alfred Hitchcock.

In Profile

Rolls Royce released this image of the Wraith's side profile.  They talked of extraordinary power and of evoking the pioneering sprint and lust for adventure of Charles Rolls.

Power, Style, Drama

This images shows the Wraith's haunches.  Rolls Royce mention the cars dynamism and power.  In past years Rolls Royce' response to how powerful it's cars were was, "adequate."  Now they say, "more than ample."  We'll know on 5 March how much power the Wraith has.


It might be the most dynamic modern Rolls Royce but the Wraith wouldn't be a Rolls Royce if it's interior wasn't the most luxurious in the business.  Handbuilt by craftsmen and women the interior of the Wraith features the 'softest leathers' and 'open pore wood panelling.'  It's also noticeable that the clock is more contemporary than in the new Porsche 911.

We'll be covering the launch of the Rolls Royce Wraith as it happens on Twitter and Facebook.  Tune in on 5 March to discover more about Rolls Royce' newest car.