29 Jan 2013


We recently tweeted a few times using the hashtag #youknowyoureapetrolheadif.  The momentum built and replies poured in.  There were just too many to name names but lots of people contributed.  Here are our favourites - less than half of the replies.  Let us know if you think of any more.


you bought a car because it was interesting rather than practical, even though it never works.

you can recognise the wreck/burn out etc on just the door handle or other small detail

you pick up Castrol instead of Milk at the garage

You have a secret top speed you did but can't tell because its highly illegal

you look in the rear view mirror for trails of fluid more than the road ahead!

you love the smell of Castrol-R, hi-octane petrol and aviation fuel. Not necessarily in that order

if you stand in a forest at 6 A freezing am waiting for 30x70's shopping cars to drive past

driving is not just about getting from A to B, but by getting from A to B, via Z

you believe every road-going vehicle should be made to sound like Aston Martin's LMGT1 DBR9 (2007)you have a secret desire to have a filthy oil soaked pit

you have driven 1500miles to #lm24in a Westfield and didn't take the roof

you've used phrases like “spine-tingling bark” and, “the euphoric V8 howl” to describe the sound of a Ferrari

you're not sure how many cars you've got..... oops!

you've chosen cc's and power over a cars looks before. As long as it handles

your workshop is cleaner than your house :-)

you wish Magic Tree did a two-stroke and petrol scented freshener for your office.

you can tell the petrol grade by the taste!!!

you're caught admiring the panel gaps of your wedding car instead of your wife in wedding photos....#guilty

you must be a petrolhead if your kitchen table has carburettors!

the first thing you miss when it’s snowing is an Impreza WRX STi.

You wash dirty car parts in the bath.

you know every bend at the Nurburgring because you've driven it a million times on PS3

you would have a Ducati 916 in your living room as an ornament

you buy a car and go stage rallying and compete on a stage you had watched Kankkunen on 20 years earlier. #bliss

you lost one of you eyebrows standing too close to a starting Zonda R (Goodwood Paddock, best times)

if you let you children do the gears for you while your driving.

You've got a little 'air' over a hump back bridge

When you talk about IF I WIN THE LOTTERY you can't narrow it down to less than 10 cars you would buy!

you do a Santa Pod style start every time leaving the Severn bridge tolls

you go against the SATNAV directions in order to get lost on purpose.

You still have bits from previous cars you adored in the shed just in case.......

a Mk1 Escort Mexico or Peugeot 205 GTi excites you just as much as a Ferrari 458 or Lamborghini Gallardo.


the metallic clatter of the M3CSL motor at 7,000rpm brings tears to your eyes

you instantly know the difference's between a standard M3 & an M3CSL

the noise of a floored F458 Italia can make you weep

You've bought a SECOND#AlfaRomeo remembering full well what you went through with the first.

your fuel bill has been higher than your rent for the last seven years. (True story) #pimpstarlife#BRAAAP

You pause a conversation because you can hear a TVR half a mile away