12 Jan 2013

What's you ideal movie chase car?

Just imagine - a movie is being made.  It's a thriller, and a car chase is called for.  It's going to take place in London, and our hero is being pursued by the police.  The producers want to hire you, as a known car expert, to choose the car involved in the chase.

The route will take start just north of Tower Bridge, get lost in the maze of right angled streets in the City then head down to Victoria with it's wider streets.  Then up to Westminster with it's iconic buildings before heading down to Grosvenor Road next to the Thames.  It'll head up through the Kensington streets before heading onto the A4 and M4 for some real high speed action.  The hero loses the police in one of the huge car parks at Heathrow airport.

So there's going to be plenty of sliding action round the city streets and an ultra high speed chase on the motorway.  Filming's going to take place in the early hours of the morning, to replicate a quietish Sunday afternoon.

The car budget is £200,000 and the producers reckon you'll need three identical versions just in case of damage.  In the film the hero leaps into the car at a set of traffic lights, pulls the driver out and takes off, so it comes with keys in the ignition - no need to worry about whether it would be impossible to break in and hot-wire it or not.  Oh, and the police will be in a BMW 530d with full blues and twos.  All you've got to do is choose the hero's car.

That's it.  Choose your car.

Answers in the comments section or via twitter.

Our choice?  Have a look at the picture.  It belongs to @Joe_Hallenbeck

Here's some suggestions already made on Twitter:

@aharding27 - Golf GTi or Focus ST. Power, handling and will fit in the small gaps
@Inspec71 - Toyota Prius.  Nobody's going fast in London anyway
@sf4d74 (of Simon's Car Spots) - GTA Spano or Gumpert Apollo (to be fair we hadn't told Simon the budget at this point!)
@motopixie - Ford Fiesta WRC car (and Phae hadn't seen the budget either.  Great car though!)
@sfd74 - Lancia-Ferrari LC2 (Simon does seem to be going waaay off budget, but we're pretty sure the producers will allow some extra cash for this)
@Joe_Hallenbeck - Classic Black Cab.  No way they'd be able to chase me. Plus, you know, taxi lanes etc (Joe obviously doesn't want his own 535i being wrecked)
@LeahRebeccaUK - head says Skoda Fabia VRS but heart says Ford Racing Puma
@tashafrench1969 - New Ford Fiesta ST or Toyota GT86.  The GT86 would be spectacular and you wouldn't need a massively fast camera car
@NSonnex - Mini Cooper or Triumph Street Triple R (actually that's a great idea...)
@LeahRebeccaUK - Jaguar XKR-S in yellow.  Arse out madness with it's own glorious soundtrack (We'd have to Jaguar for a free one seeing as they cost £100k each but I'm sure they'd oblige)
@OCDAboutCars - BMW M5 Touring.  Plenty of room for swag
@Alex_The_Beard - Astra Sporthatch VXR.  Hooligan car for hooligans.
@quattrojames - Audi RS4
@HayleyK85 - Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione.  Small, but nimble and very fast