10 Jan 2013

Watch the only (and worst) McLaren Mercedes SLR replica being built

The McLaren Mercedes SLR was a £312,000, 612bhp supercar built as a combined effort by two of the most successful and cherished names in automotive history.

This SLR replica, built in Poland on a fraction of the budget, is the very opposite.  It looks more like an SLK with a bad bodykit, and the old Mercedes engine that powers it has a plastic cover on top.

Watch the video in order to make sure, just in case you thought of building an SLR replica from old bits and pieces, that you don't.  The world is already a worse place with one SLR replica.  It doesn't need more.

After you've watched the 'build' scroll down to see Clarkson hooning around in the real SLR to make yourself feel better.