17 Jan 2013

The best butt in show

Car makers have long either got it right or got it wrong in the posterior department.  The Jaguar E type was one car that got it right, with the pertest of rear ends - and now the F type brings us an even prettier rump that melts the heart of any hard core petrolhead who lays eyes on it.

Aston Martin is another company who rarely fail to give us a perfectly sculpted back end.  The Vanquish is pretty in any colour but in the Centenary Edition silver is just exquisite.

The Audi RS7, shown at the Detroit Auto show has a bum that divides opinion.  Large and flabby to some, beefy and muscular to others.  Detroit has seen a raft of new cars.  The Japanese and Koreans have brought some fantastic new models and concepts and, again, some have great butts whilst others have awful arses.

It should be noted that no new car's rear end comes close to the awfulness of Chris Bangle's original 7 series 'duvet on the boot' design.

Here's a selection of new car and concept posteriors.  Which of them float your boat and which sink your tugboat?