22 Jan 2013

Round the World by Suzuki Jimny

If the thought of 20 twenty miles down the motorway in a 10 year old Suzuki doesn't seem too appealing spare a thought for the Ultimate Challenge team.  They'll soon be travelling 28,000 miles over 6 months in theirs.  And they're all aged over 70.

Les Carvell and 3 friends, with a combined age of 297 are setting off from the UK on 31 March to circumnavigate the globe in 2 Jimnys.  Les decided he wanted to stay active in his retirement so has spent the past 2 years recruiting the team, planning the trip and fitting out the cars.

Modifications include include heavy duty front and rear bumpers, suspension modifications, all terrain tyres with steel rims and luggage racks.  The team have also received training in car maintenance and in how to cope with the variety of conditions they'll come across on their trip.

They'll be recording progress on video which will be edited into a film, which will be entitled, "While We Have Time," and all proceeds will go to Save The Children.

Follow Les and team via the blog at www.lescarvall.blogspot.co.uk and on Twitter where they are @JimnyChallenge.

Speedmonkey wishes the Ultimate Challenge team a safe trip.  We'll post updates on their progress as they travel the world.